About Us

Toxic mould is a phrase coined by the Institute of Medicine from Neurotoxic and Cytotoxic and refers to health effects often recognised as building related illness and we provide solutions to this phenomenon.

We provide either on site or virtual (remote)  surveys to assess possible presence and cause of mould and associated contaminates and how to remediate and decontaminate premises.

We do not remove surface mould or dry or  repair buiings but we do support contractors by providing a scope of work and decontamination of surfaces and air (after source removal)

We work with Dr Richie Shoemakers group of Indoor Enviornmental Hygienists  and can provide state of art solutions for decontamination and air quality with recognised clearance criteria.

We investigate building related illness and damp or contaminated properties and provide action plans and solutions.

We are qualified and certified Indoor Environmental Hygienists and will investigate what may be causing health impact from  mould or other contamination issues.

We investigate building construction and design defect, review historic water damage and  lifestyle issues to establish the cause and responsibility of mould and contamination issues.

We assess contractors work, their results and most importantly the quality of evidence that they actually dried and decontaminated a property